Your profile picture is essential in dating sites as this is the opening door to any kind of first connection.

So what should these pictures have and what shouldn't they? Here are a few tips.

Regarding the kind of connection you are looking for, the pictures should reveal it. For example, if you are searching for a serious relationship, uploading a very sexy first picture might not be the best idea, as it might give out a fault message of who you are and what you want. Always consider the kind of person you want to attract, and then release the right message in your pictures gallery.

Think about putting a full body image (especially if you are a women). I'm not talking sexy or revealing, just a picture where we can see all of you.

Avoid sunglasses: seeing your eyes is essential.

Regarding makeup, to be as true to reality or to the message you intend to give.

Avoid selfies. Pictures taken from very close distort you. You won't be recognizable in real life, which might create an expectation-to-reality drawback.

If you are a man in search for your princess, avoid pictures showing off your muscles or your car. The message these pictures give out to a women is that you absolutely don't understand them.

Most dating sites or dating apps allow you to upload at least 5 pictures. The order in which you place these pictures is important. The first picture will be the one that will be seen first and will determine if the person will digg into your profile and look for more. The 2nd or 3rd picture should be the full body one.

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