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I have been a photographer for 25 years, and the truth is that nothing destined me to be. I had to be a psychologist or a writer, but I followed an inspiration that drove me to photography, and since then I am a photographer. A women photographer. It started working with women when I was a student - I did my thesis on makeup in photography. Then I became a photographer for women's magazines, fashion, beauty, advertising and finally, I closed my studio in order to continue to photograph women in a more natural way. As a woman myself and with my deep love for psychology, I could only be sensitive to the critical vision people have regarding themselves and how it limits them and create internal and external conflicts. I also realized that the camera and photographic session was an amazing tool and space to treat self-image. After updating my knowledge in psychology, having made my self-analysis and having studied everything that could nourish my knowledge about the human being’s emotions and its image, I dared to offer my help. For a few years now, the mirroring sessions are rolling. The sessions are powerful but it is just not enough. Living in phase with yourself is a process and it starts by understanding some basics. Like emotions. Like perception. Like self-confidence...It’s deep and that needed a workshop. Since last year, the workshop is active in institutions and the results are impressive. Since this year I am lucky enough Valerie Popowski Reichmann accepted to join my dream and partner with me to create the MIRROR workshops. These workshops are teaching what school should teach us: our emotional self. This workshop is for absolutely everyone. For the business owner that wants a valuable workshop to enhance relationships between coworkers, to someone in need of a vision to release potential and grow, to any parents willing to understand self-confidence... We heard your desire to have it come to Belgium, and it will. Natacha Lubelski accepted to join the dream too and make it happen. I invite you to visit the link www.mirrorworkshop.com. Down the page you'll also have the information regarding the next private workshop you are welcome to join. Please feel free to share this link with your friends and coworkers and help us bring essential unknown human knowledge to anyone. Thank you and Leila tov.

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