Overcoming shyness

עזרה עצמית להתגברות על ביישנות, חרדה חברתית ורגישות יתר

How do you succeed to reveal yourself in a situation of stress? What do you do when you feel overwhelmed and need to refocus?

Fear, being shy, lack of self-confidence ...all of these feelings have a deep impact in people's lives. They miss important business opportunities, dates, amazing networking occasions...

Being in front of a camera is certainly interesting as it often brings the person to be in an uncomfortable situation, but very much willing to look good. Exactly like in all these important life situations. This is what the reveal sessions are about. A place where we actively work on how to be present. How to deal with stress, how to release tensions and how to reveal the little somethin'something that makes us who we are.

איך להתגבר על ביישנות

איך אני מצליחה לחשוף את עצמי כשאני במצב מלחיץ

Liora is my bf, and since we know each other, my camera has always been a thread to her. Not only the fact of being in front of the camera, but also looking at herself in pictures. Liora looks absolutely stunning but as I realised very soon (in the beginning of my career I used to work with models), beauty does not create confidence - often on the contrary.

Lately, she started asking me about my reveal session and showing an interest in doing it. I had a little apprehension because I had no idea how to do go from the role of the best friend to the role of a practician. And what more could I teach her after 20 years of friendship ? If my job is to reveal others it is because it's a calling. A vocation. I cannot not do it, so we could say that Liora was in a reveal process since years...She told me that with time, she saw a real change in the way she looks at herself and that she was ready for the real thing. Being in front of the camera by choice. To live the full experience of the reveal session.

Eventually we set up a meeting and I think that we did great as we succeeded to stay each one in her place. As any other client that comes, we sat down. I took out my questionnaire, and let her answers lead us to our perfect photo session. Turned out that the years has done it's job, and she "did it" big time. These are only the first pictures of the session. The rest is yet to come...


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