Makeup to date האיפור המושלם לדייט המושלם

‏איפור גרם לי להסתכל על עצמי ‏בצורה אחרת. ‏מי איזה שהוא מרחק. ‏ממקום פחות שיפוצי

Going to a date or a business meeting might be uncomfortable, and putting on some makeup definitely gives confidence. But makeup can reveal you as well as it can hide you. Makeup is a statement, so be aware. The more naturel the makeup is, the most true you will appear. Eyes and lips speaks the most. Bringing attention to the mouth is very sensual. A tinted balm will not give out the same message as a deep bloody red. Regarding eyes, mascara is basic. And about the eye-liner, It for sure transforms the eyes thus your sight. And you can go for the softer look of the smudged eye-pencil.

Makeup consultation workshop | סדנת ייעוץ איפור

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