Thank you for your interest in the mirror workshop. This workshop has been designed, created and is exclusive worldwide to us Mirror Workshop and is given by the initiator herself, Aline Frisch. It is the only photo-therapy meeting working on the session itself. It is meant to explore perception as a whole and analyzing self-perception. It will give you keys to understand yourself better and get a clearer vision of social perception. The 3-meetings is the basic program to start a real understanding of perception and self-perception. 

Here down a few more details about the meetings themselves.



The meaning of this meeting is to initiate the process. The meeting will be held for 1 hour and will include a discussion. The question are designed to understand what to focus on for the next meeting and to decide and plan the photographic session.


Meeting 2:

The photographic meeting. This meeting will include the makeup atelier as well as the photography session. It is a half-a-day meeting.

Both of these are intended to work on perception, self-perception as well as body expression.


Meeting 3:

Exploring the images made during meeting 2. This meeting is a 2-hour meeting. We will go through all the images and discuss self-perception as well as social perception. You will get some directions on how to work with the pictures in the future to get a continuous effect of the mirror session


Each meeting is separated from 1 week to 10 days.

This mirror workshop gives you the opportunity to come back for 3 more photographic meetings of 1 hour at a reduced rate of 850 nis in a period of 1 year following the 3rd meeting.

It also gives you the opportunity to meet Aline Frisch for 1-hour meetings on a regular basis at the reduced fee of 225 nis/meeting. 

Price: 2700 nis 




Do I receive the pictures? 

Yes, of course you do

Can the workshop be given in Hebrew?

Yes, Aline talks Hebrew, English, French and Dutch and will be happy to adapt herself to you

Can I do the 3-session meetings with a friend?

No. The 3-meetings workshop is an individual workshop. Group workshops do exist. Please refer here for more info

Could I see pictures of other sessions?

Discretion is key so most sessions are private but you are welcome to visit this link or this link to see pictures

Is it possible to have the meetings in the evening?

Regarding the meeting 1 and 3, no problem. Regarding the meeting 2, it has to be done in daylight

Where are the meetings?

Every meeting is in Aline’s studio in Ezorei Hen, north Tel Aviv

Can I divide the payment?

Yes you can. The payment can be divided into 5 checks

How do we start the process?

Feel free to call/email us with dates that would suit you, and we will set up meeting 1

I have other questions...

Feel free to ask them by email or phone and we’ll be happy to help


Please confirm reception of this email.

Best regards,

The mirror workshop team




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