MIRROR workshop​

Understanding the relationship to oneself and the relationship to the other is an essential key to a fulfilling life

The MIRROR Workshop is an intimate dive into our mirrors. The one we perceive of ourselves and the mirrors that life reflects on us. We humans, social beings, have often a misunderstood relationship with the other which leads to confusions and frustration. In this workshop, we will both work on the mirror of ourselves - peel it, tame it, understand it - and we will explore the mirror that is the other. 


Understanding our mirrors allows us to

  • Unlock life patterns

  • Get rid of conflicting behaviors

  • Upgrade our parent skills and simplify decision making

  • Live with more awareness


Who is this workshop for? For everybody from teenagers to maturity. We all need a space in which we refocus on ourselves and get inspiring life-changing knowledge. The number of participants is 6 to 18 depending on the duration of the workshop.


In this workshop, we will work with mirrors, with the camera, and with the group to investigate perception, self-judgement, confidence, image.


Exercises on self-image

  • through questions: consciousness

  • through mirrors:  self-perception

  • through art: deliver the unconscious

  • through the camera: self-observation

  • through the other: self-judgment


Exercises about the social mirrors

  • through exercises: the visual perception

  • through drama: exploring mirroring

  • through art: interpretations


Exercises about recentering

  • Breathing: living the here and now

  • The muscles: reinforce the persona

  • Flexibility: Liberate the body


The workshop is presented  Valérie Popowski, expressive art therapist and by Aline Frisch, initiator of the mirroring effect through photography. The workshop is available in a 3h30 cycle, a day or a weekend. Participants must have a camera/phone in order to participate in all the exercises of the workshop. The group remains identical throughout the workshop. This workshop is hosted in English, Hebrew and French. If you would like to participate in the next workshop in Belgium or Israel or if you would like to collaborate please contact us.