How to transform your self-perception and inspire others

ההרצאה שתשנה לתמיד את תפיסתך לגבי אצמך



Both fun and profound, this conference will change the way you see yourself and the way you perceive others.

It will unleash your potential and allow you to be your better self.  


In this lecture, you will:

  • Get a whole new vision of yourself

  • Learn to identify and enhance your uniqueness

  • Get tools for a more valuable interaction with your family, business partners and surrounding

  • Be conscious and beware of judgment 

  • Learn how to create a healthy relationship with yourself and others

  • Understand how your vision of yourself is biased and how it influences your life

  • See how others perceive you

  • Learn how to positively influence your life



About the presenter Aline Frisch, initiator of the mirroring through photography

With an educational background in psychology and photography, various projects on the emotional being and self-acceptance + 25 years of professional experience with image and women, Aline Frisch has a deep knowledge about the challenges of women regarding themselves and how their perception is truncated.  After 10 years working for the feminine press, since 2005 Aline works exclusively as a soul photographer and is dedicated to her LOVE YOURSELF project, empowering women.




I came to you with two suitcases: in one, my fears. And in the other my masks. You looked at me. You really looked at me. Discreetly and deeply at the same time. For the first time, I saw my true face. Thanks to you, I now learn to simply BE.  Without fear and without masks; I finally learn to breathe. Thank you, dear Aline, for having been an authentic mirror.

אלין המאמת שאני מרגישה הרבה יותר בטוחה בעצמי,עכשיו אני רואה את עצמי בזוויות שונות ואני יצאתי מהשיעור היום הכי בכיף! אני באמת לא אכפת לי איך שאני נראת והכל בזכותך 🙌🏼תודה תודה תודה

(מתתפות בסדנה לנוער)

It can be easy to take endless snapshots of yourself together with friends but how easy is it to see yourself as others see you and not be worried about it? Aline's brand new workshop gIves you the tools to look at yourself and be satisfied with the picture you see. I just had great fun taking a new look at myself.