Both fun and profound, this workshop go into the subject of self-confidence. How do we perceive ourselves? How do others perceive us? What are the consequences of bad self-esteem and how to overcome it.

In this workshop, we:



  • Explore the relationship between the inner-self and the social image

  • Compare self-judgement and social perception

  • Visualise body expression through the camera

  • Create the connection between the mind and the body

  • Discuss how to take care of the inner-self

  • Reinforce the group





  • By understanding how our vision functions thanks to the camera

  • By learning how to take pictures to develop perception

  • By being in front of the camera to analyse the impact of emotions on our body expression

  • By observing the correlation between body expression and the mirroring effect on social interactions.

  • By looking at the pictures and compare self-judgement to the groups’ opinion 



The workshop is for smartphone photographers or amateurs, and is designed for groups of 4 to 12 participants. It is valuable for 15 years old and up.






Soul photography workshop