Singles Session

Portfolio Gallery

Our days, having good pictures is essential if you want to stand out and attract the right people in this ocean of online profiles. Your pictures need to attract the eye, reflect who you are inside and out and speak the right message. The singles' portfolio I create for you is an assortment of pictures especially designed to suit dating apps.  



Photography Soul Session

Often getting into the process of dating, we are confronted with our image. What can sometimes be pushed aside, in the dating process we will be confronted with our self-perception. And so often we get to the first date with low self-esteem that any possible connection is blurred or unhealthy. Finding love should always come from a place of self-acceptance and self-love. This is the soul session. Me, showing you through my camera, who you are, right here, right now. And how to release this inner beauty that got hidden through the years. 



Makeup Consultation

Makeup is an amazing tool if you understand it and know how to play with it. I love makeup for the confidence it gives me. I love that it allows my emotions to be a little bit under-cover. I learned to see and accept myself truly through makeup and I'm happy to give you my full attention to create a makeup that suits your personality and to teach you how to recreate it.


The Full Single Starter Package

Makeup Consultation + Soul Session + Portfolio Gallery



Therapy meeting

Finding love confronts us deeply with our deeper self and might be very challenging at times. If until today we did not succeed, what is wrong with us? What should we do and not do? What's appropriate and what's not? How to deal with fears? I'm here to help you see what has to be seen and get rid of old patterns and believes that do not serve you. Together, we will work on perception and self-perception.