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August 9, 2018

Your profile picture is essential in dating sites as this is the opening door to any kind of first connection.

So what should these pictures have and what shouldn't they? Here are a few tips.


September 21, 2017

I'm happy to share with you a talk between Elsa Assoun and me about soul photography on Radio Judaika. Click on the picture to hear the interview or follow the link:

July 23, 2017

This post is called 22 as the 22nd day of the month. These two lovebirds are the parents of 4 happy souls which means it does not leave them much time for anything unless they create it. So the...

July 4, 2017

Being an artist, I consider every album as an artwork by itself. Every session tells a story and the album is my vision of the event. Every picture and placement of image is chosen with care an...

June 8, 2017

Very often, people call me and they need pictures. The experience of being in front of the camera is not something that attracts them. Which you may think might make it more difficult for me, b...

May 14, 2017

This session was offered as a birthday present by her love. I adore when these things happen. I find it so beautiful that a man wants to show his wife how beautiful she is. It took some time fo...

April 18, 2017

I have been a photographer for 25 years, and the truth is that nothing destined me to be. I had to be a psychologist or a writer, but I followed an inspiration that drove me to photography, an...

April 8, 2017

I love when my sessions are offered as a birthday present. Especially this kind of session, because it is offering much more than just pictures. It's telling the birthday girl "I want you to ce...

March 29, 2017

 Open for the English invitation

March 18, 2017

Le Soir, Mars 2017

March 3, 2017

Usually I prefer shooting in daylight even though picturing in the evening is often easier on women.  Atmospheres are very different. If daylight is dynamic, evening is more mysterious and inti...

March 2, 2017


For over 25 years, I have photographed, made'up, and helped women become strong and self-confident. I have shown them how beautiful they are and that the vision they had of themselves was fl...

March 1, 2017

 Liora has been in front of my camera several times, but this is the first time since her mirroring workshop (see session in nature a few posts behind). Here, the pictures were taken in my stud...

December 23, 2016

How cool !!! This is the Belgian magazine Gael. I'm so touched to see my name published in french :0))) I know it sounds stupid as I was published soo many times in Israel...but what can I say....

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