SOUL photography

Soul photography was born in Belgium in 1993 when a student in psychology took a camera in her hands and understood the amazing potential the camera could have in helping people. Since then, Aline Frisch moved to Tel Aviv and has photographed, made'up, and empowered thousands of women. With an educational background in psychology and photography, various projects on the emotional being and self-acceptance + 25 years of professional experience with image and women, Aline Frisch has a deep knowledge

about the challenges of each and everyone regarding beauty and how self-perception is truncated. Perception is our reflection on others and vice-versa. It is a main key for self-understanding and achieving fulfillment but stays a very unknown subject.  Since 2005, after 10 years working for the feminine press, Aline works exclusively as a soul photographer and is dedicated to her MIRROR project, teaching perception.

Lifestyle Photography

"Revealing the beauty of what is going on in front of me, offering you my vision." 

The real-life photo reportages by Aline Frisch:


Women sessions

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The soul photography workshops are the most unique way to explore perception.

  • The Mirror(ing) Workshops (because accepting yourself is the only key to fulfillment)

  • Inspiration meetings (because it's time to have a real women's discussion). Next meeting dates are here.

  • Soul photography workshops for teams (because it's a bonding experience). Feel free to contact us for your team-building workshop.