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Aline Frisch

Hello. Welcome to my website. I am a Belgian-Israeli photographer, graduated in psychology. 


When I was 18, living in Brussels and studying psychology (ULB), I began my journey into researching the human being. One night. I dreamed I was a photographer, and the next day, I switched from studying psychology to engage myself in learning photography (INRACI). 

Five years later, leaving in Tel Aviv and immersed in the beauty industry and feminine press as a professional studio photographer, working from behind the camera, I encountered the human spirit. I realized that in order to make a beautiful picture, it is not a question of working with artifices. Instead of working with the surrounding, the light that mattered to me was the inner light. Our physical presence and impact rely upon our vibration - not our looks. I understood that with my camera, I would be able to change people's vision about themselves and their lives. Since then, I  concentrate my art in doing real photography. I love picturing in natural light. I love real-life situations. My idea of photography is to create a testimony - true images that speak above the beauty of the image itself. I create images that have a meaning, confronting the test of time. I capture energy more than anything: the soul of people, the human connections, the atmosphere...Through my camera, I'm the historian of your life. 

Being into psychology, I specialized in perception and today I help people see themselves as they are (and not as they believe they are) to help them feel good about themselves and live a more fulfilling life. In 2004, I opened my first Therapeutic Photo Studio. I write books about "real beauty" and perceptions, I inspire people to live truly. I animate workshops, and I created the Mirror Workshop, which is, since 2017,  part of the Israeli Educational program. The workshop has been created in order to help young ladies not to fall into the superficial believe that beauty is a given, and to help them see and nourish their own. I invite you to visit my other website to read more about all the facets of Therapeutic Photography and what Soul is really about.

Enjoy your visit.

Aline Frisch