"Soul Photography: Imprint your memories and keep them forever." 

Aline Frisch



•    Lovers Session – relive the passion

•    Woman Session – You Are Beautiful put it on paper

•    Professional Portraits – with soul, not style 

•    Family Session – because they grow so fast

•    Pregnancy – memories of a first home

•    Bat Mitzvah Books –  Young beauty beyond the Selfie


I treated myself with a mirroring session for my 35 birthday and it was one of the best gifts I could have given myself. Apart from being a great photographer, Aline has a real gift of seeing YOU and understanding YOU. The pictures from the session were beautiful and most importantly, I came out stronger, more confident and glowing... the session was a starting point for many incredible positive changes in my life. Aline, thank you so much!

Giordada G.

Makeup Reveal

Aline you are a SUPER STAR, you are a TOP PRO, when I received the book today all i wanted to do is go home and show it to Shelley and the kids ! This is the BEST present i got from my wife, taking time away from time. Aline dear, there are not enough words to thank you - so i will just say TODA.

Reem Greiver

Lovers Session

I came to you with two suitcases: in one, my fears. And in the other my masks. You looked at me. You really looked at me. Discreetly and deeply at the same time. For the first time, I saw my true face. Thanks to you, I now learn to simply BE.  Without fear and without masks; I finally learn to breathe. Thank you, dear Aline, for having been an authentic mirror.


Mirroring Session

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Soul Photography is about capturing the reality of the often unseen beauty of life, connections and you

Aline Frisch

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